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Full year Ultimate League?

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Re: Full year Ultimate League?

Postby W » August 8th, 2016, 1:57 pm

In September I want to do a practice run of this league. It will be an auction format with 10 mini auction drafts held the first week of each month.

-League runs from October 16-September 17, with 10 "rounds" Round 1 October-December, Round 2 November-January... Round 10 July-September.
-40 film slate for the year (Average of 4 films/round)
-$500 film budget (Average of $50/round)
-A film can be bought 3 times. For instance, Rogue One: You can own October-December, November-January, and/or December-February and you only get what it accrues during those months.
-We're using the same scoring system as a single ultimate league. At the end of the entire season we will add up your Domestic Gross, T5 points, PTA points, and IMDb scores.

How the "drafts" work:
-Each month when the pricing for the regular leagues are posted we will have our official list of eligible titles. I (or someone else) will make a thread for the month's draft.
-Bidding opens when the page is started and bidding ends for ALL of the month's films when the first Friday films lock (5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern, and if I did the math right 3 AM Saturday GMT... maybe we should push this earlier for our European friends). If there is a film that starts earlier (like a Wednesday or Thursday) only that specific title locks early.
-We keep track of what is bid on in the first post.
-Cannot bid in decimals. You go from $1 to $101 if you want, but $1 increments only.
-No bid take-backs.
-Highest bid at closing time wins that film for the three month period. If two bids are the same, earliest bid gets priority.
-You can draft as many or few films as you like per round and spend as much or little as you want each round. But at the end of the year you MUST have a slate of 40, so you must hold back enough to bid $1 on enough items to fill out your slate.

Things I need to figure out before October:
-Can you own each film more than once (i.e. a January film in DEC-FEB and JAN-MAR)? I'm leaning towards yes because everyone has a chance at all films at all times unless you've spent too much previously.
-Should we push the stop time earlier? (Probably. I'm thinking noon Pacific/3 Eastern/8 GMT)

Just to reiterate, September will not count, I just want to see if there is anything that needs amended before our October start date. Any questions?
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Re: Full year Ultimate League?

Postby Walleye413 » August 9th, 2016, 12:52 am

Sure, sounds good to me.
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Re: Full year Ultimate League?

Postby Chienfantome » August 9th, 2016, 3:37 am

Sounds interesting although I will have to read that at home a couple more times to really understand it all, sounds complicated for my French brain.
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