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One on One Tournaments

Different user set-up games offered up by different members. Have fun!

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Re: One on One Tournaments

Postby W » December 2nd, 2014, 4:02 pm

Only one other person joined the box office leagues, so I guess it's over. Here are the results from ULT Semis:

W (62 IMDb, 56 PTA, 31 T5, $497 m) defeats numbersix (51.6 IMDb, 37 PTA, 45 T5, $519.8 M) via tiebreak 173.8 - 159.6. My high PTA, high IMDb picks trumped his high T5, high BO picks this time.

Shaan (60.1 IMDb, 53 PTA, 44 T5, $556.2 M) defeats Chien (60.6 IMDb, 59 PTA, 32 T5, $499.4 M) via tiebreak 184.91 - 176.57 The difference here was clearly Gone Girl vs. Big Hero 6.

Gold: W vs. Shaan
Bronze: Six vs. Chien

PM sent out soon.
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Re: One on One Tournaments

Postby Chienfantome » December 2nd, 2014, 6:13 pm

Those were two very close battles ! Congrats Shaan.
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