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The Writing Thread

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The Writing Thread

Postby Buscemi » July 25th, 2012, 12:55 am

Since a number of us here are involved with writing, I figured that this would be a good place to share projects that we are doing.

Right now, I have three outlines and an attempt at writing a novel in the works.

The three outlines:


A teenage gang member is caught in a robbery and deceived by her fellow gang members. Now sent to a juvenile detention center, the girl must face a sadistic warden (I have Jennifer Connelly in mind for this role) and other young troublemakers to break out of the place and get back at the leader who set her up.

Isla de la Muerte (I wrote a test opening sequence to prepare for my first script)

A military company is reunited for a treasure-seeking project in an uncharted South American island for a mysterious billionaire. However, the team must face an evil warlord who wants to keep the treasure for himself. Soon, the team must find more than the treasure. They must fight for their lives as well.

Ideal cast:
Krysten Ritter as the leader, a mentally unstable lieutenant living in Los Angeles's Skid Row who is brought in to keep her from committing suicide. While on the island, she must toughen up once again to help her team survive and is trained by a native to fight the warlord.
David Oyelowo as her second-in-command, an Atlanta native who left the Army to become a teacher. He joins the mission to supplement his low income and to keep the leader under control. There would also be hints of a love plot between the two.
Jason Momoa as another officer with an out-of-control drug habit. He joins the mission to pay alimony but he is a risk due to his issues.
Gina Carano as a sergeant who loves her job and does some side work as an assassin. She joins because she's hungry for action.
Ciaran Hinds as the warlord. An immigrant to the island, he soon becomes the most powerful man there and uses everything on it for personal gain. The treasure is his power.
Billy Bob Thornton as the billionaire. For most of the film, you would only hear his voice until his reveal at the end.

Hard Payback

A remake of an obscure 1980's film called Sticky Fingers, this would focus on two cash-strapped New Yorkers who get lucky when a duffel bag filled with $1.2 million is left in their apartment by a drug dealer. After spending some of the money on needs, the two get greedy and before you know it, the dealers soon send people out on them to retrieve the remaining money. This would soon lead for a big chase sequence across the five boroughs. Unlike many big heist comedies or thrillers, I intend to have an almost totally female cast.
Everything on this post is strictly the opinion and only the opinion of Buscemi.

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