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Empire Top 10 Alien Deaths

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Empire Top 10 Alien Deaths

Postby englishozzy » June 15th, 2012, 8:05 am

The following is the Australian Empire magazine's Top 10 Alien Deaths in movies. I thought it would be pretty cool if you guys have some others.

10. Attack the Block - Flick Knife from Moses
9. Species - A grenade launcher to Sil's head.
8. Men in Black - Agent K shooting himself out of Edgar The Bug.
7. Spaceballs - Pizza The Hutt eating himself to death.
6. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - Spock's dramatic death scene.
5. Flash Gordon - Ming the Merciless gets impaled by a spacecraft.
4. Mars Attacks - The Martian's heads blowing up to the sound of Tom Jones.
3. Return of the Jedi - Jabba The Hutt's strangulation by the hands of Princess Leia.
2. Aliens - The extermination of the Alien Queen.
1. Predator - Arnie's MacGyver esque trapped followed by blowing himself up.

..and the worst

Signs - Aliens who visit a planet which contains 70% water... even though they react to the stuff as if its acid.
War of the Worlds - They forget to take their flu tablets.
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