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I love movies....

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I love movies....

Postby Ron Burgundy » March 16th, 2012, 11:46 pm

Well, lets be honest, we all love movies...

But how did you get involved so much into film?

Is it part of your job, is it something thats been apart of your life forever?

I can remember going to the video rental store as a kid with my dad. He used to rent out stuff for me at first, like Carebears (haha!), Inspector Gadget and Aladdin. Then us siblings started loving cartoons so much mum would have to buy VHS copies so we could watch our fav characters parade around over and over. And over.

Then around 8 or 9 i took an interest in the 'new releases' section, what the heck was my old man so interested in these strange movies starring grown ups with hair on their faces. 'This guys an Aussie' my dad says, ooooo, he's like me, im Aussie too, and so begins the quest to see whatever movie this bloke (think it was Mel Gibson, not actually aussie haha) is in. Later an obsession with actors like Sylvestor Stallone, Eddie Murphy, Jean Claude Van Damme, Arnold Schwarzennegger and Leslie Nielson erupted.

Soon im going to the cinema with my friends to see the latest Star Wars

When i get my first job, going past the video store is almost a regular thing, as i seek out all the best films, the cliffhangers, the big twists, the gut busting laughter, the grand epic adventures. My snack rate goes through the roof. And my sleep ins on Saturday/Sunday mornings edge their way closer to noon. And then one day i release im watching a pure drama, not comedy, not action but starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, and its good.

Then the internet comes along, wow, a discovery is made, a once in a lifetime find, imdb. The top 250 list is being dismantled. My dad and myself have huge discussions on actors and actresses, even going to a point of being fictional agents, as dad would say to me, hey, im afraid Russell has pulled out, im sorry you're gonna need a back up for your new epic. What! Russell out? but that leaves....good times...

Now im not sure how many films ive seen, maybe 2000, i know ive seen many excellent films. Still so many more to finish. Id love to enter the industry, whether an actor, a critic, a cameraman or even an extra, but its so bloody hard downunder, and i cant imagine what the competition in LA is like. One day i know ill find my niche. But its great to have this game and this blog site, as there is an almost infinite amount of knowledge here and the game is addictive (for movie fiends like us) as hell.

Anyway, why do u like movies?
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Re: I love movies....

Postby Buscemi » March 16th, 2012, 11:52 pm

Because it's a way to get away from reality. Because fuck reality.
Everything on this post is strictly the opinion and only the opinion of Buscemi.

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Re: I love movies....

Postby numbersix » March 22nd, 2012, 7:55 am

While I'm sure Boosch's response was a knee-jerk reaction, it's worth saying that if film is merely a way of escape, then you're missing out on the real potential of film.

Now, I'm not saying that film can't be an escape. Hell, most people want to just enter another world to get away from the pressures of their own life. And that's cool. But if film is just more than the infrequent jaunt to whatever major blockbuster is playing, then seeing it merely as escapism is dangerous. It just becomes like alcohol abuse... a way to get away from and not deal with reality.

So why do I like film? Well, escapism is part of it, but for me a much larger part is that it can be a way to actually engage with reality. Film (and other narrative-based art) is a great opportunity to enter the viewpoint of someone entirely different from us. Or someone quite similar, someone who is working through similar issues. So in that sense it can provide understanding if not inspiration towards how we interact with the world around us. And this can be true even in blockbusters... if they're any good, that is.
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