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2011-12 Bowl Season

Posted: November 27th, 2011, 10:05 pm
by Buscemi
The regular season is almost done and bowl season is about to dawn on us. This year, 35 bowl games are planned from December 17th to January 9th with the National Championship game at the end (which barring an Oklahoma State win will likely be an LSU vs. Alabama matchup).

The current BCS Top 25 stands as this:

2 Alabama
3 Oklahoma State (not really getting the Oklahoma State love, as their one loss was to traditional Big 12 doormat Iowa State)
4 Stanford
5 Virginia Tech
6 Houston
7 Boise State
8 Arkansas
9 Oregon
10 Oklahoma
11 Kansas State
12 South Carolina
13 Michigan State
14 Georgia
15 Wisconsin
16 Michigan
17 Baylor
18 TCU
19 Nebraska
20 Clemson
21 Penn State
22 Texas (not really getting the Texas love either, as they've been .500 in conference play and their loss to Missouri re-energized that team)
23 West Virginia
24 Southern Miss
25 Missouri (despite their three-game win streak at the end of season, I was not expecting a Top 25 appearance)

Remaining Games With Ranked Teams (ranked teams in bold)
12/1 West Virginia vs. South Florida
12/2 UCLA vs. Oregon
12/3 Southern Miss vs. Houston
12/3 Iowa State vs. Kansas State
12/3 UNLV vs. TCU
12/3 Texas vs. Baylor
12/3 Georgia vs. LSU (SEC Championship)
12/3 New Mexico vs. Boise State
12/3 Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State
12/3 Virginia Tech vs. Clemson (ACC Championship)
12/3 Wisconsin vs. Michigan State (Big Ten Championship)

Re: 2011-12 Bowl Season

Posted: December 4th, 2011, 2:19 am
by Buscemi
Bowl-eligible teams by conference:

ACC: 8 (Miami is on a self-imposed bowl ban, reducing this number from 9 to 8)
Big 12: 8
Big East: 5
Big Ten: 10
Conference USA: 5
Independent: 2
MAC: 6
MWC: 5
Pac 12: 7 (South division champion USC is on probation and banned from any bowl game this year, second place UCLA is 6-7 but bowl eligible)
SEC: 9
Sun Belt: 4
WAC: 3 (Hawaii is 6-7 but not bowl eligible, even though the 6-7 UCLA is. I don't get it either.)
Total: 72

Re: 2011-12 Bowl Season

Posted: December 4th, 2011, 2:41 am
by Buscemi
How the BCS bowls may look like:

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Oregon
Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs. Boise State
Sugar Bowl: West Virginia vs. Kansas State
Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Alabama
BCS Championship: LSU vs. Oklahoma State (the win against Oklahoma has most likely leapfrogged them over Alabama, who didn't even play in their conference championship)

Re: 2011-12 Bowl Season

Posted: December 4th, 2011, 11:23 pm
by Buscemi
More proof that the BCS sucks: Texas is somehow #24 in the nation despite a 7-5 record, an under .500 conference record and a massacre at Baylor. Meanwhile, Missouri has the same record but beat Texas, finished over .500 in the conference and they dropped out of the Top 25. Meanwhile, Texas only dropped two spots.

And in the bowl selection, Missouri finished fifth in the conference but got the sixth choice. Who got the fifth choice? Texas, who finished sixth and lost to Missouri. This makes as much sense as UCLA being bowl eligible despite being 6-7.