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The NBA Thread

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Re: The NBA Thread

Postby Buscemi » June 28th, 2017, 11:30 pm

Not sure if I agree with the Chris Paul trade. Sure, the Clippers get seven players and a first round pick next year but Paul was the leader of the Clippers. They would have been better off letting Blake Griffin walk instead of making a play to keep him while seemingly rebuilding (though I expect the Thunder to make a deal for Griffin if they have the money, Westbrook can't keep carrying the team by himself).
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Re: The NBA Thread

Postby W » June 29th, 2017, 10:13 am

Paul told them he was opting out so they'd have nothing. Reportedly this is all because Doc Rivers gives preferential treatment to his son. By opting in and being traded Paul was able to retain his Bird Rights while going to a team he wanted to play for and then signing a longer, more expensive contract ($200-something million over five instead of $150-something million over four). Everyone loves paying an oft injured 37 year old point guard $40-ish million in their final year.

So the Clippers get nothing or a couple very serviceable guards (that go off the payroll in one and two years), a mid-first rounder that was basically a rookie last year (so some upside possible), and a pick that will probably be late but always has the chance to be decent (a Harden injury would absolutely make them miss the playoffs and Paul is injury prone). That or nothing from what I can tell. They aren't taking anything that will hurt the rebuilding process.

They could certainly try to call Paul's bluff that he'd leave a bunch of cash on the table to sign somewhere else. Paul seems more like the guy to do it than most, though.
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