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Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: June 28th, 2012, 1:41 am
by Shrykespeare
Oh, you beat me to it, Geez. I got home late.

The rest of the Top 48:

Lil Starr
Danielle Stallings
Unity in Motion
Lindsey Norton
Rock Star Juggler Rick Price
David Garibaldi and his CMYKs (yay!)
Michael Nejad
Jarrett & Raja
Hawley Magic
Wordspit, The Illest!
Distinguished Men of Brass (yay!)
The All Ways
Inspire the FIre
Lisa Clark Dancers
The Scott Brothers
Donovan and Rebecca
Big Barry (Fuck me)

Don't worry. Stepz will be back on the WC show.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: June 28th, 2012, 8:29 am
by Geezer
(Jonathan) Hawley Magic - Yeah they were pretty good, interested in seeing how they step it up from here.
Giani - He is an awful showman, and the "spelling error" totally takes you out of a "mind-reading" trick. You mean to tell me you read Sharon's mind to come up with a completely non-existent city? Yeah, okay.......
Jarrett & Raja - Way better than the audition, glad they got through.

The All Ways - I think they sucked. If you want to be a rock band, why are you covering pop songs?
Wordspit, The Illest! - We didn't get to see much, but I liked it. They have so much potential.
The HillBenders* - Exactly what you said.
Dillon Havins and Friends* - Yeah, interesting, just not very good.
The Emily Anne Band - Yeah I don't like them at all.
Distinguished Men of Brass - I like them, wouldn't say love, but definitely glad they got through.

LionDanceMe - I'm glad they got through, lots of potential.
Cliff's Demo Team* - Yeah, I'm sure there are hundreds of kids out there that could do this.
Kota Sports - Yeah, they were flawless and more original (no one has done scooters on this show and it is not an X-games event. So of course they are the ones who get sent home. Figures :roll:
Serengeti Steve - I was watching through my fingers, but damn it was impressive. I think he should have been given another shot, he stepped it up. He's also an idiot.

Lil Babywockee - When you have adult poppers, she just looks bad. No fault of her own, but she couldn't step up to this level of competition.
Lil Starr - Definitely better act than the one before her.
Danielle Stallings* - Really really good voice.
The Cos Fam* - Not bad, but not good enough.
Tevin McGuire* - He should have been put through, but hey, needed that extra spot for Big Barry!
Unity in Motion -Agreed
The Williams Bruthuz - I wouldn't have either. I'm shocked they admitted to it.

Summer Lacy - Yeah, I was bored.
Ben Mendoza Circus - Too busy, too much going on, I couldn't focus on the TALENT.
Donovan and Rebecca - The most impressive act of the night. I was spellbound by this. Absolutely incredible.

I hated all of the rappers, and I'm glad they all got sent packing.

I was very "meh" on all of the dance groups.

David Garibaldi and his CMYKs - Awesome. I want to see what else these guys can paint
John Pizzi - Fucking terrible
Michael Nejad - I liked it too! Guy has talent!
Rock Star Juggler Mike Price - Yeah, pretty much, but it WAS good.
The Two Bits - Was cute the first time, it doesn't belong going live.
Big Barry - You already know how I feel. He is so awful at singing that it ruins the "funny" that Howie sees here. If he could sing enough so my skin wasn't crawling, I'd probably like him, but he can't. His talent is being a midget in a suit who thinks he can sing. which actually isn't a talent at all. A joke.

Lindsey Norton - I love her, and I'm glad she got through. I think she might go further than you think, just depends on her group.
John "B-Boy Elusive" Vineyard - He was great with a great story, potential is there.
Stepz - I agree with you.
Turf - He will go far. He's talented and emotional, a winning combination for reality television.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: June 30th, 2012, 7:41 pm
by Shrykespeare
According to the AGT Season 7 Wikipedia page, the following acts will be performing on Monday:

Nikki Jensen, singer
Edon, singer/pianist
Maurice and Shanice Hayes, singers
Michael Nejad, musician
Distinguished Men of Brass, band
The Scott Brothers, dancers
787 Crew, dance crew
Lil' Starr, dancer
David Garibaldi & His CMYK's, performance painters
Jarrett & Raja, comedy illusionists
Todd Oliver & Irving, comedy dog act
American BMX Stunt Team, stunt bikers

A lot will depend on not only how they perform but what order they perform in.

Who I THINK will move on, all things being equal:

Distinguished Men of Brass
787 Crew
Either Maurice & Shanice Hayes or Nikki Jensen, depending on who brings it more

Who I HOPE will move on:

Nikki Jensen
Distinguished Men of Brass
Jarrett & Raja
torn between Lil' Starr and the Hayes family

How about you, Geez?

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 9:32 pm
by Geezer
It's on the DVR and I haven't started watching yet, so here are my predictions:

I think it will be 4 out of these 5, all things being equal. However, we know they won't be. Someone will stand out and some will underperform.

Nikki Jensen, singer
Edon, singer/pianist
787 Crew, dance crew
David Garibaldi & His CMYK's, performance painters
Jarrett & Raja, comedy illusionists

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 10:31 pm
by Geezer
Distinguished Men of Brass - I know you love them, Shryke, but I watch them and they are a half-time show. I just wouldn't pay to watch them for a full show.

Edon - He is just a NATURAL PERFORMER. Absolutely fantastic. I can't see any scenario where he doesn't move on. He could win the competition.

Jarrett and Raja - The crowd boo'd. Maybe they saw something we didn't. I thought the trick was great, especially when he came out from under that third towel. That was fantastic, no idea how he did that.

Lil Starr - She is ADORABLE!! And she brought her very best. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Fantastic.

Irving and the unfunny ventriloquist - We do not need more ventriloquists. We need less of them. Especially unfunny ones like this guy.

American BMX Stunt Team - I have no interest in watching BMXers who can't make the X Games. I couldn't care less.

Nikki Jensen - I think she's very cute and has a nice voice. But she didn't attack the performance. She doesn't stand out. Edon attacked it, she didn't.

Michael Nejad - Never had a shot, and he was definitely worse than his Vegas audition. Didn't belong on that stage.

The Scott Brothers - I think they NAILED IT. I didn't really like them before, but damn! That was a FANTASTIC performance.

787 Crew- I don't think they did anything new or original. It is like been there, done that. Plus I had to mute the television because I HATE DUBSTEP.

Maurice and Shanice Hayes - They killed it. She has a fantastic voice, and the father actually held it together tonight. It was fantastic. They are going to go through. Exactly what Howie said.

David Garibaldi and his CMYK's - I LOVE this act. They have to go through. What a show!!! They were so stupendous. Totally stepped it up.

Howard said his picks were David Garibaldi, Maurice and Shanice, The Scott Brothers, and Edon. I completely agree with him. They were the 4 best, hands down. The only wild card is Lil Starr. Think she's the 5 spot, and it will be a judges pick between her and the Scott Brothers in which the judges will pick the brothers.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 2nd, 2012, 11:24 pm
by Shrykespeare
I'm a couple hours behind you, Geez.

DMO Brass - For the first time, Geez, I take your point. What I loved about them is that it was cool to just watch THEM. Tonight, they made a production out of it, with bangs and flashes and a peripheral crowd. That plus the song choice reduced them to a really good parade act. Oh well.

Edon - Effing brilliant. Let's hope his early placement in the show doesn't hurt him.

Jarrett & Raja - Technically proficient, but to do magic on this show, you have to be serious, and this was the opposite of serious. The music made it so kitschy and cornball. I can see why the crowd booed.

Lil' Starr - I adore her, but it's not enough. What she needs is a bunch of little girls around her to accentuate her performance. She's just too tiny to command that huge stage all by herself.

Todd Oliver - I agree with Howie, with (much) better material this could be an act, but right now it just sucks.

American BMX Stunt Team - Yawn. Next!

Nikki Jensen - Doing a Coldplay song was a perfect choice. I love her, love the song. Trouble is, she doesn't have the kind of overpowering voice that tends to garner votes. She'd have been better off going on The Voice... Adam or Blake would have snapped her up in a flash.

The Scott Brothers - I wasn't sold on these guys until now. Totally original, and very entertaining. Loved them.

Michael Nejad - He's better than a lot of the novelty acts, but that ain't saying much. He should have been on The Gong Show.

787 Crew - Proof of exactly why a hip-hop crew will NEVER win this show.

Shanice and Maurice Hayes - Wow. Good for them. Dad sounded like Luther, and daughter proved what a powerhouse she is. Though I still think she'd be better alone, I'm glad they stayed together.

David Garibaldi and his CMYK's - Damn they are good! They've Vegas-ed up their act beautifully, they're great showmen, and they are awesome artists as well. Great job!

So I think the four that should go through will be David Garibaldi, The Hayes, The Scott Brothers and Edon. I think the judges' choice will come down to Nikki Jensen and Lil' Starr. Tough to imagine who they'd pick between those two.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 3rd, 2012, 12:13 am
by Geezer
That's a good point on Lil Starr. She is very small and that stage is very big. That can be a detriment, especially seeing her in person. I can only imagine how good she'll be in a few years though. She is going to have a career in dance.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 5th, 2012, 9:08 pm
by Shrykespeare
So as expected, David Garibaldi, The Hayes family and The Scott Brothers were passed through on viewer votes.

Edon was the obvious pick by the judges, though I'm surprised that it came down to him and Todd Oliver and not any of about four other acts. In a way, Howie was right... Todd's act can be a winner, if only he had terrific material.

According to Wikipedia, Geez (and they were right last time), the following acts will be performing next week. Also, according to TV Guide, AGT will move it's air date from Mondays & Tuesdays to it's original Tuesdays & Wednesdays dates starting with this week's performance. This is probably due to ratings declining and increased competition from other network shows.

Tim Hockenberry, singer/pianist
Danielle Stallings, singer
Big Barry, singer
The All Ways, rockband
Lisa Clark Dancers, dancers
Turf, contortionist and dancer
Aurora Light Painters, light painting group
Hawley Magic, magic act
Ben Blaque, crossbow performer
Tom Cotter, comedian
LionDanceMe, lion dance team
Donovan & Rebecca, acrobats

Damn, this is a tough field to pick from. I think Tim Hockenberry is the only real lock. Danielle Stallings showed a flash of brilliance in Vegas, Turf is a great story that the show has been pummeling us with since the auditions. Tom Cotter is the season's best comedian and could easily make it through if his material is good and he isn't placed too early in the show. And also, depending on placement and quality of performance, we could see any of a number of acts advance, including Aurora Light Painters, Donovan & Rebecca and Hawley Magic. I don't give much hope to any of the others, and Big Fucking Barry had BETTER not go any further.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 5th, 2012, 9:27 pm
by Geezer
If I had to call it today, I'd call it for Tim Hockenberry, Turf, Tom Cotter and Aurora Light Painters. However, I'd prefer Donovan and Rebecca to the painters. Danielle Stallings is another wild-card. Can't see anyone else with a real shot, but that's half the show with almost an equal shot of going through.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 10th, 2012, 10:03 pm
by Shrykespeare
So here's the order for Quarterfinal #2:

The All Ways
Hawley Magic
Lisa Clark Dancers
Aurora Light Painters
Danielle Stallings
Donovan and Rebecca
Big Barry
Tom Cotter
Ben Blaque
Tim Hockenberry

Early thoughts: not at all surprised Tim got the pimp spot, but I'm surprised Turf got placed so early, and Big Barry got placed so late. The late placement will only help Tom Cotter if his material is good, but other than that, it's wide open.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 10th, 2012, 10:15 pm
by Shrykespeare
LionDanceMe - I can appreciate the cultural significance of lion dancing, and I can also appreciate how dangerous this act is, and to their credit, they didn't make any mistakes. However, there was little or no flair in it. I was bored thirty seconds in.

Turf - I like him, always have, but it's tough to see this transitioning from the street to the big stage. I'm happy that his act seems to have taken off on the streets of LV, and if that's what it takes for him to make it, good for him. I just think it's too big an uphill climb for this show. On the other hand, that was a hell of an ovation he got.

The All Ways - I'm confused. They proclaim themselves to be a rock band, and yet they've done covers of Adele and now Beyonce/Lady Gaga? Why couldn't they do a Stones song or something? I mean, why? Their dress style seems to be at least 15 years out of date, and the lead singer is far to screamy for my liking. They won't be back.

Hawley Magic - Wow. What a fanTASTIC illusion. It was flashy, scary, very Vegas-y. I hope that they go through, especially because they are the only true magicians left in the competition.

Lisa Clark Dancers - I thought they started well, and they held my interest throughout, which is something I wasn't expecting. However, the oldness of the music was a rather sharp contrast with the youth of the dancers themselves, and that was something that the judges fell over each other pointing out. I would have given them a small chance of advancing, but Howie's X pretty much guaranteed they won't.

Aurora Light Painters - It was cute, but it paled in comparison to their previous two performances. I'd probably be higher on them if David Garibaldi hadn't totally killed it last week in the "creating art onstage" department. Howard got it right... this is an act with a lot of potential, but it's still in its early stages and not ready for the big time yet.

Danielle Stallings - For the second straight week, a 14-year-old singer totally outperforms the grownups. Great voice, she showed some personality and stage presence (though she could stand to smile more, this was probably due to nerves), and given how weak the female singers have been this season, I think she should definitely make it through. She didn't quite have that one "moment", but hopefully that will come in the next round. She's one to watch, for sure.

Donovan and Rebecca - Graceful, powerful, mesmerizing. And just not enough. I remember Ascendance two seasons ago, they upped their act by making the wall bigger and adding two more dancers. These two by themselves are very very good, but I think there needs to be more.

Big Barry - Question... if he were to ever have a subpar performance, how would we know? Ye gods, let this be the last time we see this guy. At least there was eye candy this time.

Tom Cotter - Funny, hysterical, loved him. Pray he gets the votes.

Ben Blaque - Kid's a crack shot, and he definitely upped his game with the four-in-one shot, but is this the kind of act that can be stretched into an hour-long show? I just wonder.

Tim Hockenberry - Phenomenal voice. Not as much Cocker this time; I was actually reminded a little of the Boss's trademark growl, with maybe some Peter Gabriel thrown in. Disagree with Howard's assessment completely! No way he's not moving on.

So, based on placement, crowd reaction and judges comments, I think Tim and Tom are the only locks. Turf and Danielle certainly deserve to move on based on their performances, but one could also make a case for Ben Blaque, Hawley Magic or Donovan and Rebecca. Damn, this was a tough week to call prior to the show, and it's even tougher now.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 10th, 2012, 11:20 pm
by Geezer
Lion Dance Me - It's impressive and dangerous, but I don't think it is a million dollar act. I think the costumes are actually a detriment. It covers them up and looks easier than it is, and its boring. I wrote this before Howard said it haha.

Turf - Absolutely nailed it! Loved every second of it. Don't know how he does it, but that is going to be tough to beat!!

The All Ways - I'm sorry but these guys suck. They are sell-outs to rock music, they are singing the wrong songs and they aren't talented. Get them off the stage.

Hawley Magic - They were very good. Not the BEST illusion I've ever seen, but still pretty damn good. I full blown gasped when she slid down the spike.

Lisa Clark Dancers - It is not something we wouldn't see at any dance competition around America. Which means it is not a million dollar act, not even close.

Aurora Light Painters - I still just don't get it. I saw what was going on a bit better this time around, but it was a more boring show. It did seem a little too kiddy for me.

Danielle Stallings - Man, this girl needs to learn how to control the mic! She kept moving it away from her mouth and her voice got smaller. At least from my tv set. She didn't command the stage and wasn't memorable. Not sure what the judges heard. This wasn't as good as Vegas. I love her voice, but I wasn't blown away by the performance. Agree with Howie.

Donovan and Rebecca - You know, you look at every act and you look for that moment that makes you go WOW. That is them, only they do it 4-5 times in a 2 minute performance! They are fucking phenomenal. They might be my favorite act of the competition. I don't even like the areal ribbon acrobat thing, but they do it so perfectly. And I love the personality, I love the smile on his face, I love that they love what they are doing and each other. It is amazing what they do. I will be so pissed if they don't make it.

Big Barry - Wow is he the worst competitor to ever make it this far in the competition? He's gotta be right up there, right?

Tom Cotter - Holy shit, Shryke! I know this guy!!!! He had a comedy central presents. I have heard these lines before! I looked it up and sure enough, Comedy Central Presents from 2004. Doesn't make me love him any less, but it wasn't fresh for me. I've heard all of these jokes before, at first I thought "is he ripping them off?" but then after doing a quick google search, they are just his own material from long ago. I hope he goes through so I can hear more new stuff.

Ben Blaque - This isn't a million dollar act. He's great at what he does, but it gets old and boring very quickly. And where was the fire? There should have been fire.

Tim Hockenberry- I wasn't blown away. I don't think he has much range. I actually liked the song choice, it worked, and the performance was good. But the vocals just weren't there for me. He'll get through, but I am not a huge fan. Edon is better.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 11th, 2012, 12:09 am
by Geezer
Howard could not be more right about what he said about Big Barry. Howie does owe those great performers that didn't get through an apology. Love how he shut him up too by calling out Mary Joyner's name.

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 11th, 2012, 12:31 am
by Shrykespeare
So it seems that Turf and D&R are the only ones you're really high on. Who do you think will get through?

Re: America's Got Talent Thread (pres. by Shryke and Geezer)

PostPosted: July 11th, 2012, 12:35 am
by Geezer
Very tough to call. I am hoping that Turf, Tom Cotter, Hawley Magic and Donovan and Rebecca get through. I think Tim Hockenberry, Turf, Donovan and Rebecca and Tom Cotter will get through. But Danielle Stallings and Ben Blaque are certainly wild cards as well.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still very high on Tom Cotter. The jokes just don't have the same impact when I heard them 8 years ago first. They are still really good jokes and perfect for this style of competition. I'm glad he had them in his bag of tricks.