Help needed!

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Help needed!

Post by delfinasu »

Hi guys!
It's been a long time since I haven't talked to you.
I had a lot of problems.
Last one is called premature Parkinson, a disease that affected me a lot in walking, talking, eating, sleeping, dressing, etc.
I've been in a hospital last year for almost 2 months.
They recover me with pills that unfortunately are not anymore provided in Romania since the beginning of this year. The pills 'name is Madopar.
It's replacement; called Isicom doesn't have the same randament for me.
I talked with someone in Spain and he offered me to send me these pills if I will send him EUR 1,000. For a quantity for 3 months.
Unfortunately I don't have these money.
My salary is almost EUR 900 (3 times the minimum in Romania) and I have also a daughter to support.
Please help!!
I can provide all the medical evidences needed.
Maybe you can find Madopar less expensive in your country and if it's less THAN EUR 100 for a month I can send you the money or maybe you can help me to send in Spain the EUR 1000 needed and I can send you back the borrowed money in 3-4 months.
Any advice is welcomed.
I'm desperate.
Thank you!

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