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Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Buscemi » April 22nd, 2017, 5:29 pm

A Monster Calls was a victim of non-existent marketing. Universal put all its marketing muscle on Sing and left A Monster Calls for dead. In addition, it was a pickup from Focus's previous regime (the one that spearheaded the FilmDistrict and relaunched Gramercy) and I guess the new head decided it wasn't worth releasing.

Meanwhile, Pan's Labyrinth was very well-marketed. I remember when it was coming out, I couldn't escape that trailer. And the thing played forever at what was then a single-screen arthouse here.

Personally, I've never gotten the love for Pan's Labyrinth. Besides the title which baffled me (the faun is never named and I spent my time wondering why it wasn't called Ofelia's Maze, as the English subtitles refer to the labyrinth as a maze), I felt it was simply trying too hard with the fascist Spain elements (if any film didn't have a need to be a war film, it's this one) and historical elements. You could place it in modern day and focus on the creepy stepfather elements and it would be the same film. In terms of 2006 films with creepy families and strange goings-on, I prefer Terry Gilliam's Tideland.
Everything on this post is strictly the opinion and only the opinion of Buscemi.

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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Shrykespeare » April 22nd, 2017, 10:22 pm

JohnErle's up tomorrow. Here's his list.


100. X-Men: The Last Stand
99. Valkyrie
98. Into the Forest
97. Mr. Holmes
96. Bridesmaids
95. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
94. Prometheus
93. MacGruber
92. Wild
91. The Aviator
90. Austin Powers in Goldmember
89. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl
88. Gosford Park
87. Date Night
86. The Imitation Game
85. Mean Girls
84. Django Unchained
83. X-Men: First Class
82. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
81. Captain America: The First Avenger
80. Venus in Fur
79. Argo
78. American Gangster
77. Catch Me if You Can
76. The Town
75. Gran Torino
74. Her
73. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
72. Minority Report
71. Gladiator
70. The Orphanage
69. Brooklyn
68. Atonement
67. The Lookout
66. The Lords of Salem
65. Black Swan
64. Amelie
63. The Handmaiden
62. Red Dragon
61. 12 Years a Slave
60. War of the Worlds
59. Casino Royale
58. Under the Shadow
57. The Incredibles
56. Elf
55. Enigma
54. No Country for Old Men
53. The Ninth Gate
52. Flash of Genius
51. Finding Neverland
50. 99 Homes
49. School of Rock
48. Dallas Buyers Club
47. Black Death
46. The Pianist
45. Breach
44. Munich
43. Gone Baby Gone
42. The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies
41. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
40. The 40 Year Old Virgin
39. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
38. Nebraska
37. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
36. Kissing Jessica Stein
35. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
34. The Social Network
33. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
32. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
31. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe
30. The Woman in Black
29. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
28. All is Lost
27. The Killer Inside Me
26. Stranger by the Lake
25. Tale of Tales
24. Chilren of Men
23. Gone Girl
22. Sideways
21. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
20. Blue is the Warmest Colour
19. Zodiac
18. The Others
17. Edge of Tomorrow
16. The Conjuring
15. Killer Joe
14. Almost Famous
13. The Witch
12. Master and Commander
11. Mad Max: Fury Road
10. Shaun of the Dead
9. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
8. The Ghost Writer
7. Take Shelter
6. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
4. The Grand Budapest HoteL
3. Inside Llewyn Davis
2. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby transformers2 » April 23rd, 2017, 12:14 pm

Ron B: Of all the lists on here, I found yours to be the most surprising and eclectic. You had everything from ultraviolent action flicks (John Wick) to universally-acclaimed Best Picture winners (Birdman) to minimalist sci-fi (Arrival) to dumb comedies (Old School). Obviously there was a handful of films on there I hated (headlined by Mullholland Drive and Moonrise Kingdom) or find to be overrated (Oldboy, Casino Royale), but my admiration for the variety of films on there combined with our shared love of films that no one else chose (Remember the Titans, 50/50, Warrior) nullified those minor issues. Overall I've seen 77 of the films from your list and we had 25 overlaps. Great stuff Ron!

28 Days Later*
The Departed*
Django Unchained*
Kill Bill Vol.1*
Sin City*

American Psycho*
Batman Begins*
City of God*
District 9*
Frutivale Station*
Gone Girl*
The Hateful Eight*
Inglorious Basterds*
Iron Man
No Country for Old Men*
Remember the Titans*
Step Brothers*
Team America: World Police*
V for Vendetta*

Guardians of the Galaxy
The Raid
The Social Network
X-Men: First Class

The Dark Knight
Ex Machina
LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring/Two Towers
John Wick
Requiem for a Dream
Tropic Thunder

The Cabin in the Woods
The Guest
Hot Fuzz
In Bruges
Inside Man
Kill Bill Vol.2
Midnight in Paris
Old School
The Prestige
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Shutter Island

Cast Away
Finding Nemo
Thank You for Smoking

Captain America: The First Avenger
The Emperor's New Groove
The King of Kong

Black Hawk Down
Casino Royale
LOTR: Return of the King

There Will Be Blood
Wreck-It Ralph

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
The Incredibles
Mad Max: Fury Road

Moonrise Kingdom

Mullholland Drive
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby JohnErle » April 23rd, 2017, 3:02 pm

#1 - The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

The Royal Tenenbaums was, is, and will probably always remain Wes Anderson's masterpiece, yet there was a long period of my life where I'd forgotten that.

After introducing himself to the wider world with Rushmore, and re-inventing Bill Murray in the process, Anderson followed up with The Royal Tenenbaums, both of which I loved at the time, but then I hated The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, and I skipped The Darjeeling Limited, and it wasn't until The Grand Budapest Hotel that I truly loved another Wes Anderson movie. When we did our top 100 of all time several years ago I didn't even include The Royal Tenenbaums since it had been at least a decade since I'd seen it, and Anderson's reputation had faded that much in my eyes. But The Grand Budapest Hotel inspired me to revisit Anderson's early work, and then I fell in love with The Royal Tenenbaums all over again.

His lesser films can sometimes place style over substance, but that's definitely not the case here, where the two have equal importance. Take, for example, the 70s aesthetic of the film, which is more than just an affectation. All of these characters are stuck in the past, still hurting from old wounds that never fully healed, so the costumes, the soundtrack, and the cinematography all help reinforce the idea that these characters are yearning for the lives they once had.

The Tenebaum family and the people surrounding them are the richest batch of characters Wes Anderson has ever created, and this is also the most poignant, bittersweet story he's ever told. And like so many of my favourite films, it strikes a personal chord with me that elevates it from a film I merely admire to one I truly love.

Every character in this film is broken in some way, and seeking to reconnect with or finally become part of a family, which is something a lot of us can relate to. And I was also considered somewhat of a child prodigy and skipped an entire grade in elementary school, but by the time I was in high school I was merely a good but not exceptional student who never lived up to the promise those early teachers had seen in me, so I can completely relate to this story of three child prodigies who feel their glory days are behind them. And I was also adopted, so I laughed extra hard every time Royal mentioned “My adopted daughter, Margo.” And let's not overlook the fact that this movie gave the legendary Gene Hackman one final memorable role before he retired a few years later.

This is the movie where Wes Anderson fully developed his unique, eccentric, and inimitable style, and even if his later films draw upon many of the techniques seen here, there's no other filmmaker I'm aware of who's capable of duplicating Anderson's style and tone, so I'm more than happy for him to keep making movies the way only he can, even if none of them are likely to ever match The Royal Tenenbaums.
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Shrykespeare » April 23rd, 2017, 4:02 pm

Great list, John!

I've seen just over half of your list (53, to be exact), and we had 11 overlaps (13 if you count the LOTR films individually, which I don't, but you do).

I loved that you included such films as Valkyrie, Date Night, Catch Me if You Can, Red Dragon, and The Ghost Writer. All are eminently re-watchable, which is a quality I value in a film.

You and I were the only ones to include Argo (fuck yourself, lol), and I'm glad I wasn't the only one!

Sadly, there were a few films that would likely make my "worst of" list if we do that, like Django Unchained, Children of Men, and your two "Killer" films. (Joe and Inside Me).

Six is next!
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Shrykespeare » April 24th, 2017, 12:00 am


100. Raw
99. Hot Fuzz
98. Fish Tank
97. No
96. The Grand Budapest Hotel
95. The Wrestler
94. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
93. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
92. Song of the Sea
91. Milk
90. Knocked Up
89. A Serious Man
88. Joint Security Area
87. The Witch
86. Le Havre
85. Upstream Colour
84. Fog of War
83. Four Lions
82. The Lobster
81. The LEGO Movie
80. Arrival
79. Silver Linings Playbook
78. Zatoichi
77. The Squid and the Whale
76. Borat
75. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
74. Brick
73. The Dark Knight
72. Talk to Her
71. Requiem for a Dream
70. Dead Man's Shoes
69. Grizzly Man
68. Locke
67. Holy Motors
66. Force Majeure
65. The Fountain
64. The Mist
63. Room
62. Donnie Darko
61. Lord of the Rings
60. Take Shelter
59. The Act of Killing
58. Sightseers
57. Mustang
56. The Great Beauty
55. A.I.
54. In the Loop
53. Memento
52. This is Enalnd
51. Monsters, Inc.
50. Her
49. Waltz with Bashir
48. A Field in England
47. The Host
46. Exit Through the Gift Shop
45. The Wailing
44. Oslo August 31st
43. Pan's Labyrinth
42. Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
41. Amelie
40. Syriana
39. Incendies
38. The Hunt
37. Moon
36. The Congress
35. Blue Ruin
34. Toni Erdmann
33. Vicky Cristina Barcelona
32. Inland Empire
31. War of the Worlds
30. The Tribe
29. The Duke of Burgundy
28. Killing Them Softly
27. Sicario
26. We Need to Talk About Kevin
25. Another Year
24. Sex and Lucia
23. 24 Hour Party People
22. The Tree of Life
21. Moonrise Kingdom
20. The Wolf of Wall Street
19. Dogtooth
18. Sideways
17. Up
16. City of God
15. 28 Days Later
14. Primer
13. Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
12. American Splendour
11. Oldboy
10. Ravanche
9. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
8. It Follows
7. The 40-Year-Old Virgin
6. In the Mood for Love
5. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
4. No Country for Old Men
3. The Royal Tenenbaums
2. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby numbersix » April 24th, 2017, 3:49 am


Mulholland Dr. (2001)


Anyone who remembers our 100 Favourite Films list shouldn’t be too surprised to see this here – it is my #1 Film of All Time, after all. So has anything changed? Not really. I rewatched it in the cinema a few years ago, and got my hands on the Criterion Collection Special Edition DVD. But what has changed is the way culture has reacted to it. 7 or 8 years ago it was just a well-reviewed arthouse film. Now it’s considered a modern classic. Indeed, the BBC conducted a survey of the best films since 2000 from critics around the world, and it was voted #1. The film has received many deluxe DVD and Blu-Ray releases (including that amazing Criterion edition), and has been re-released in cinemas several times. In fact, as I write I note that it’s out in cinemas in the UK again this weekend. And of course Lynch is being introduced to a whole new generation of hipsters now that Twin Peaks is returning in May (which is still hard to believe. It feels like a strange, Lynchian dream). So perhaps it’s time for this film to get the accolade it really deserves.

I haven’t read my old post about the film, so there’s going to be some repetition. But for me this film best demonstrates the power of cinema as an artform. Too many films get it wrong – they’re essentially filmed plays (all dialogue, just walking around) or at the other end just explosions (something video games do better). Mulholland Drive makes the most of cinema’s unique ability to not just combine music, visuals, and human performance, but also to capture our minds, our consciousness.

In a nutshell, this is a film about as aspiring actress. What starts as an ideal world, in which she arrives in Hollywood and everything goes right, turns into something darker as a mysterious woman suffering from amnesia crosses her path. Soon everything starts to unravel, including time and narrative logic. People complain that the film makes no sense, but the general logic of an ideal world coming undone as reality spills in isn’t that hard to work out. You could even argue that the whole film is a dream, one that shows how desire, both personal and professional, can completely ruin us. But it’s not “just” a dream. As my favourite scene of all time (in which two guys are at a diner, one explains he had a terrifying dream about being there, only to realise the dream is coming true – link is below) shows, fantasy and reality merge in our minds, we need both to exist, so fantasy can and does indeed affect and alter our reality. Only a few films have ever successfully done this, and Mulholland Drive perfects it.

I could go on about the performances, the wit, the self-awareness (Lynch inserts a version of himself as a vague TV director), the stunning score by Badalamenti, the sound design, the horror, the love, etc, but I’ll just finish by saying that Mulholland Drive is the realisation of cinema’s true potential, one that captures and reflects our consciousness in the most beautiful and perfect way.

Here’s my favourite scene

And here’s one of the best scores I’ve ever heard

And finally, thanks to everyone for participating, particularly Shryke for setting it up, and John for helping take over during Shryke’s op. It was great to see what you’re all into, what I’ve missed and need to see. And delighted to see that over 60 of my own films featured in someone else’s Top 100 – and it wasn’t just Surfer and Chien!
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby numbersix » April 24th, 2017, 10:59 am


Well, what a great choice for your #1 film. I remember seeing it in the cinema when in university and loving it. I hadn't seen Rushmore or Bottle Rocket, but I loved the visuals, the production design, but far more fundamentally the balance of humour and genuine emotion throughout. It's Wes Anderson's best film for me too (and like you I ended up revisiting his work after feeling disappointed by Life Aquatic and Darjeeling... but for me it was Moonrise Kingdom), and still stands up upon scrutiny.

You have a very unique Top 100, mixing a bit of everything, but most interestingly you dig distinct horror films, some of which I'm not a fan of, but others I am, such as The Witch, which surprisingly only the two of us threw onto our Top 100.I've seen it twice, and can't wait to see more. I'll be interested to see what you make of Raw. We shared 12 films from our lists (14 if you split up the LOTR films), and great to see the under-rated War of the Worlds and the timeless Sideways make an appearance, as well as Take Shelter. That more than compensates for the Hobbit and Harry Potter films, which all felt padded to me.

I haven't seen 16 films from your list, most of which are in the later half. I'm intrigued by Black Death (have you seen Detour yet?), Venus in Fur, and Into the Forest.
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Shrykespeare » April 24th, 2017, 11:22 pm

Well, Six, your list and my list have less in common, I daresay, than any two lists in this group.

I've only seen 22 of yours films, and only a paltry three overlaps (Kill Bill, Dark Knight, LOTR).

Obviously, we have different tastes. But I still like you. (cue bromantic music)
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Shrykespeare » April 24th, 2017, 11:25 pm


60. Exit Through the Gift Shop
59. Short Term 12
58. The Hateful Eight
57. 12 Years a Slave
56. About Time
55. Grandma's Boy
54. The Town
53. Dreamgirls
52. The Big Short
51. Jumper
50. Creed
49. Guardians of the Galaxy
48. The World's End
47. Watchmen
46. Let the Right One In
45. V for Vendetta
44. Black Dynamite
43. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
42. Wreck-It Ralph
41. Man of Steel
40. Minority Report
39. Star Trek
38. True Grit
37. Deathproof
36. Captain America: Civil War
35. Whiplash
34. Amelie
33. Ratatouille
32. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
31. Unbreakable
30. Pan's Labyrinth
29. The Mist
28. Children of Men
27. The Departed
26. Kung Fu Panda
25. In Bruges
24. Gran Torino
23. Big Fish
22. The Hangover
21. Ray
20. Inside Llewyn Davis
19. The 40 Year Old Virgin
18. Interstellar
17. Black Swan
16. The Wolf of Wall Street
15. The Adjustment Bureau
14. Little Miss Sunshine
13. Up
12. Inglourious Basterds
11. Silver Linings Playbook
10. Inception
9. Slumdog Millionaire
8. Scott Pilgrim vs The World
7. Up in the Air
6. Shaun of the Dead
5. Her
4. Juno
3. Kill Bill Vol. 1
2. The Dark Knight
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Shrykespeare » April 25th, 2017, 9:34 pm

Anytime you're ready, Banks!
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby BanksIsDaFuture » April 25th, 2017, 11:11 pm

Banks' #1....


The Social Network (2010)
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Armie Hammer, Rooney Mara, & Justin Timberlake
Directed by David Fincher
Written by Aaron Sorkin
Based on the book The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich

It's the tale of the unpleasant beginnings of one of the most important pillars of the Internet, and consequently the groundwork that The Information Age stands upon to this day. The creation of Facebook sounds unimportant today, as it's become a haven for middle aged parents who love Minion memes and spreading misinformation as quickly as possible, but Facebook is American history. And building a multi-billion dollar company in your spare time with your friends is a story as American as cooling off a pie on a window sill in the 1800s. It's a deeply moving case study of ambition and ruthlessness in the name of greatness - again, a story as American as any. It also happens to be career bests for all involved, above and below the line. It's The Social Network.

David Fincher is one of the best directors working today, and has been for the last 20 years. That's just a fact. He's got an eye for framing and camera movement that can make a dull slog of a scene in lesser hands into riveting work. Early on in the movie, Mark Zuckerberg drunkenly hacks into the houses of Harvard and creates Facemash, the precursor to Facebook, powered by his anger towards his newly ex-girlfriend. Fincher's quick cuts and tight closeups, interspersed with the longer tracking shots of girls being shepherded into a Harvard party, are genius and you don't realize you've been holding your breath until it's over. It's comprised of fingers typing and computer screens and Fincher turns into into a taut heist scene. It's a staggering achievement, and the scene is only a manifestation of what Fincher does throughout the entire film.

Half of what makes The Social Network awe-inspring is Fincher's direction, but the other half...that belongs to Aaron Sorkin's writing. The dialogue is crackling - which, if you've seen The West Wing or Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, should not be a surprise. The Social Network uses its words as weapons, and the sparring is quick, smart, and piercing. Take the scene where the Winklevoss twins visit the president of Harvard: not only is the three way discussion exhilarating, but it's bookended perfectly by the intro and button in the secretary's office. The change is attitudes from the twins perfectly paints how the meeting went, telling the story of the scene without telling you. It's beautiful.

There's a scene in the movie wherein Mark Zuckerberg attends a talk by Bill Gates, but it's simply used as background as it's where Mark and Eduardo Severin learn just how big their creation is becoming: "Facebook Me" says it all. It seems obvious that Sorkin dangles a thread between Zuckerberg and Gates, two Harvard men that created companies with troubled pasts - companies that helped created computing and the Internet as we know it. It's telling that Bill Gates never even gave a talk at Harvard in 2004, or at least not that anyone remembers or there are records of. But the off-putting, genius "inventor" Sorkin should've drawn his thread towards is the funhouse mirror opposite of Zuckerberg and that's Steve Jobs, Mr. Apple himself. Zuckerberg was a mechanics man in need of ideas, a fact that Sorkin and Fincher take lengths to show, while Jobs was the prototype BIG IDEA guy who stepped on the backs of others to propel himself ("What is it exactly that you do?" - Steve Wozniak). It's of no surprise that Aaron Sorkin wrote award-winning scripts on these two fascinating individuals, here and for Steve Jobs (2015).

Additionally, there is not a soft spot when it comes to the cast and their performances. It may be seem obvious to cast Jesse Eisenberg as the awkward, fast-talking college student, but that doesn't mean he doesn't nail the role to the wall. Andrew Garfield hasn't been as good since, and it's noteworthy that his performance here created his entire career, including his starring role in a superhero franchise and the Oscar nomination for acting he just earned earlier this year. There are no weak points; even the small roles, like Dakota Johnson, Rashida Jones, or Brenda Song, stand up to the meaty ones. Armie Hammer played two people, for God's sake. But perhaps my favorite is Justin Timberlake's off-the-wall casting as Napster founder Sean Parker - this scene, his introduction, put all worries to rest in just 3 minutes:

This is getting long-winded, but I'd regret not mentioning Trent Reznor's haunting score, even just in passing. It's the depressing piano, thumping electronica, and even classical remixed heartbeat of the entire film. It gives meaning to establishing shots, and it even turns a freaking rowing race into an epic battle worthy of any overlong Peter Jackson setpiece.

The Social Network isn't perfect (the jarring-ness of the opening conversation comes to mind), but shit it's damn near close. And it's my top movie of this millenium.
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Shrykespeare » April 25th, 2017, 11:25 pm

Well, as far as lists go, Banks, yours falls right in the middle for me. There are a lot I haven't seen, but there were 34 that I have. But then, your list only had 60, so that's pretty good, I guess.

We had 12 overlaps: GOTG, V for Vendetta, Wreck-It Ralph, Minority Report, Star Trek, Ratatouille, Unbreakable, Inglourious Basterds, Inception, Kill Bill (Vol 1, anyway), and The Dark Knight.

And we were the only ones who extolled the virtues of Kung Fu Panda. Glad to see I'm not the only one here who loves animation as much as me.

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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby Shrykespeare » April 26th, 2017, 11:31 am

Ready for your #1, Dubya!


100. End of Watch
99. The Perks of Being a Wallflower
98. Rat Race
97. Wreck-It Ralph
96. Star Wars Ep. III: Revenge of the Sith
95. Orange County
94. Hot Rod
93. The Fault in Our Stars
92. Zootopia
91. Hell or High Water
90. The Sapphires
89. Prisoners
88. Entourage
87. Cadillac Records
86. Eddie the Eagle
85. The Spectacular Now
84. Boiler Room
83. Gone Girl
82. Ex Machina
81. Bridesmaids
80. The Village
79. The Mist
78. Accepted
77. Spider-Man
76. Road Trip
75. Race
74. Adventureland
73. Cabin in the Woods
72. Brooklyn
71. Watchmen
70. Green Street Hooligans
69. John Q
68.Attack the Block
67. The Way Way Back
66. Win Win
65. Room
64. The Others
63. The Internship
62. Stealing Harvard
61. The Island
60. The Replacements
59. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
58. Zoolander
57. Unbreakable
56. The Martian
55. High Fidelity
54. Saving Silverman
53. Training Day
52. Talladega Nights: Ricky Bobby
51. Toy Story 3
50. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
49. Knocked Up
48. Step Brothers
47. Wall-E
46. Zombieland
45. Iron Man
44. The Hunger Games
43. Kingsman: The Secret Service
42. The Muppets
41. Moonrise Kingdom
40. Up
39. The Secret in their Eyes
38. Me Before You
37. I Am Legend
36. The Station Agent
35. Walk the Line
34. Hotel Rwanda
33. The Fast and the Furious
32. Love and Other Drugs
31. Downfall
30. A Knight's Tale
29. The Dark Knight
28. 10 Cloverfield Lane
27. Shaun of the Dead
26. Man on Wire
25. The Pianist
24. The Visitor
23. The Man From Earth
22. Role Models
21. Monsters, Inc.
20. Shrek
19. The School of Rock
18. I Love You, Man
17. O Brother, Where Art Thou?
16. About Time
15. Mr. Deeds
14. Freddy Got Fingered
13. Green Room
12. Dawn of the Dead
11. Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy
10. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
9. 21 Jump Street
8. The Hangover
7. City of God
6. 28 Days Later…
5. Guardians of the Galaxy
4. Old School
3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
2. Elf
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Re: Fantaverse Top 100 Movies of the New Millennium (2000-)

Postby undeadmonkey » April 26th, 2017, 6:58 pm

I have some catching up to do, i thought i'd have more free time on vacation, but i really didnt. When's my turn again?
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